Blogging Consistently: Practice makes Better


In 2009 I jumped off the blogging ledge and into cyberspace. I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed blogs I enjoyed and tried to do what they did. I blogged because I learned that the industry professionals demanded it. Writers must blog in order to gain a platform and discover their tribe.

And  while I have gained a small following, the reason why blogging has been so good for me is because it’s taught me about deadlines and consistency. And because of the need to post on a schedule, knowing that somebody was expecting my post for the day, I in time have become a better writer.

It’s like practicing the piano or any instrument.

If you plan to publish a post once a week, writing thirty minutes a day should help you easily reach that goal. Blog posts should be under 600 words–that’s not too long. You can do it!

Tip for the day:

Write thirty minutes everyday and publish a post at least once a week. Tweet this!

Blogging with you,



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